Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lifegroup outline for 2/1/09

Click here for a printable copy:

Lifegroup map 2/1/09 “Restoring Joy is reflecting God’s Glory” John 2:1-11

Please choose any of the following Ice breakers:

(Everyone doesn’t have to answer the same one… pick one you like!):

  1. What is one way you’ve felt God’s presence in your life this week?

  2. What was your favorite scene in Steve Martin’s “Father of the bride”?

  3. Share a story where someone saved you from an embarrassing moment.

Life exploration time: Read out loud John 2:1-11

~ Does Jesus come off as disrespectful to His mother in JN 2:1-4?

(Please Explain your answer, either way you may see this…)

~ See JN 2:5. Since Jesus hasn’t performed any miracles yet: What would lead Mary to any kind of conclusion that Jesus could remedy this situation, and, should we think Mary expected a miraculous repair?

~ Read JN 2:6-9 and try to put yourself in the servants’ position for a moment: What do you imagine was going through their minds?

~ Read 2:10. How come instead of replacing the depleted wine with the exact same quality, or, a mediocre-quality wineWhy does Jesus turn the water into a noticeably superior quality of wine?

~ What is so shocking about this being the 1st sign that Jesus performed?

~ John records in 2:11 that Jesus’ “disciples believed” in Him, but why doesn’t John mention the impact this made on: His mother, the Master of Ceremonies, the wedding guests, the servants, or even the Bride & groom?

Personal reflection

In what ways has this passage encouraged/enhanced my trust in Jesus?

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