Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Click here for a printable outline for 2/15/09

Lifegroup map 2/15/09 “When push comes to shove” John 2:18-25

Please choose any of the following Ice breakers:

(Everyone doesn’t have to answer the same one… pick the one you like!)

  • If you have ever helped save a life before, what was it like?

  • What was your most terrifying experience ever?

  • Fill in the blank, “I’m most looking forward to ___________________....”

Life exploration time: Read out-loud John 2:18-25

What is the core/foundational/primary challenge they are blasting Jesus with in Jn 2:18?

~ (Recognizing that their questioning of Jesus in Jn 2:18 is right on the tail-end of Jesus driving out the multitudes of “man & beast” in Jn 2:15)…

What are a few of the emotional and/or adrenaline-fueled challenges Jesus might’ve had to personally bring under control, before He was ready to respond to the Jews?

~ How do you personally calm anxiety-type feelings during a confrontation?

~ What is your greatest struggle/fear while facing a probable confrontation?

~ Often times, when faced with a potential confrontation we revert to the “Fight or Flight” style of reaction. Now being armed with Jesus’ example of facing confrontation from tonight’s passage: What are some better habits we could/should adapt than fight/fight in our dealings with people?

~ Read out-loud Jn 2:23-25. There’s a neat wordplay here; it’s on the Greek word for “Faith” that gets translated here, once as “believed in” (from the people who’d observed His signs) and then it’s translated as “entrust” (on Jesus’ part toward them). In other words, the people believed in/trusted Jesus — He didn’t believe in/trust in them.

BTW: The people that Jesus didn’t entrust Himself to, were new believers in Him… (So, these aren’t His antagonists He’s withholding trust from...)

Personal reflection time:

What level of trust is Jesus able to place in me?

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