Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No lifegroup outline for this week... but

This week most of our Lifegroups are not going to meet.  Some people will be out of town visiting with their extended families, dozens of NE folks will be too groggy after the Lads to Leaders convention... and then some people will simply be home quietly celebrating with their family.

I guess this a long way of saying there's no plan to prepare an outline for group this week.
Well, what if our group decides to meet anyway?  What can we talk about?
Here's a few topics that might generate some discussion (after you read the Resurrection account, in one of the Gospels, together):
1. What is the attraction to an Easter service for people that typically avoid "church"?
2. How has the Resurrection of Jesus shaped my view of reality?
3. The Resurrection was revealed within a community setting, and to be shared publicly.  Why would anyone attempt to celebrate the Resurrection apart from a community of believers?
4.  Finish this sentence, "Since there is future Resurrection of all people __________...." 

Wherever you find yourself this Sunday I hope that the deeper meaning of the Easter story brightens your day, and God's live giving love shines through whatever darkness this world throws your way!

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