Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warning on helping Haiti

Sad state of affairs

The earthquake in Haiti this week has reportedly been responsible for over 100,000 deaths. I can't imagine that.

Sadly though, beyond the human suffering and loss, there will be parasites that will loot and rob innocent survivors. And, then there will be conniving creeps that sit behind their computers, sending email requests for financial assistance, yet pocketing the money themselves.... I hate that skeptical feeling, but I know it's true.

I'm sure our congregation will help with aid, since we've maintained a longtime relationship with a missionary in Haiti. We've been supporting a work in Haiti for many years; actually exactly in the town of the epicenter. I would recommend that if you or your congregation decide to help with relief/aid that you only commit to helping people you know 1st hand. It's not limiting the aid/assistance; it's actually making certain the resources get to the people who really need it.

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