Monday, May 4, 2015

Can we fight our way out of our problems with ISIS?

The current plan to deal with radical, extremist, Islamic terrorists seems to be laid out like this: If only we build up enough military might, and if only we gain enough intelligence, and if only we kill enough of the key people, we will win the war on terror.

I guess people who believe that methodology works, have forgotten that killing your enemies will only work if you completely annihilate them or if you kill enough people at once to scare the enemy into submission, like Hiroshima.  The Western world will never condone genocide and the Islamic radicals think if they die in a Holy War, jihad, they will be rewarded in the afterlife.   

So, we can keep fighting our enemies through the time tested, but failing bloodshed.  And, we can occasionally build a school over in enemy territory or maybe try to build a few roads or deliver food, some nice humanitarian efforts.  But, until we see other people as humans and as children of God and begin to transform the hearts & minds of our enemies, we will never defeat evil.   

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