Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to share Star Wars on social media without spoiling it for the rest of us

Our oldest son Drew, a die-hard Star Wars fan, has taken a break from social media until he watches "The Force Awakens."  Why? He doesn't want someone to spoil the plot.  This time around, it's going to get a lot more serious on social media than when people get upset over everyone posting that Glen died or later that he didn't die in the Walking Dead.

How can we share our experience with the Force Awakens without ruining the movie for the folks who haven't seen it yet?

  • Share your opinion as to whether you liked the movie, or not.  That's fair game.  People are going to go either way, and at least you got to share how well you liked it, or not.  
  • Share how much you liked or disliked the acting, special effects, or the plot-line, but all without giving any details.  That's easy enough to do, and people will be interested in your thoughts too.
  • Share who you went with and how much fun you all had fighting the massive hordes who took all the good seats.  That will make the rest of us, who didn't go opening night, feel vindicated...
  • If you do plan to share a plot spoiler, bury it deep enough down in your post that you can warn people to not read your post in the first sentence.
I can't wait to see the Force Awakens, and hopefully we'll see it within the next day or two, and hopefully I'll practice what I preach.  

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