Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Click here for a printer-friendly outline for 3/8/09

Lifegroup map 3/8/09 “Wanting what Jesus wants” John 3:22-36

Please choose any One of the following Ice breakers:

(Everyone doesn’t have to answer the same one… pick the one you like!)

  • What was it like the 1st time you were away from your family?

  • What is something you are thankful for tonight?

  • Which is your favorite movie about Jesus, and why?

Life exploration time: Read out-loud John 3:22-36

~ See Jn 3:22. What is so significant about the amount of time Jesus spent with His disciples?

~ In what ways are we selling ourselves short today, if/when we only spend the bare-minimal amount of time with other believers?

~ In Jn 3:23 we see that the water was plentiful. How does this help increase an understanding that baptism implies fully submerging an individual?

~ In Jn 3:30 John the Baptist admirably wants to reduce his public role (personal influence/attention) and he wants to turn people towards Jesus… Expanding that notion to modern-day Christianity:

How can we authentically point people to Jesus and avoid attracting people to our particular perspectives/preferences?

(i.e., Introducing people to Jesus and getting out of their way)

~ Jn 3:34 teaches that God gives the Spirit without measure/limit. What exactly does that mean?

~ Read Jn 3:36 in another version other than the NIV here... John indicates that obedience is at least equally essential for our salvation as beliefWhat does obedience consist of in this verse?

Personal reflection time:

How much control of my life am I really giving over to Jesus?

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