Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Lifegroup map 3/22/09 “Ripe” John 4:27-45

Please choose any One of the following Ice breakers:

(Everyone doesn’t have to answer the same one… pick the one you like!)

  • What flowers/vegetables do you plan on planting this spring?

  • How do you choose a translation of the Bible?

  • On a scale 1 to 10, 10 being extreme… how stressed are you tonight?

Life exploration time: Read out-loud John 4:27-45

~ Why do you suppose the disciples refrained themselves (JN 4:27) from questioning Jesus about His conversation with the woman at the well???

~ What is the significance (symbolic or not) of the woman leaving her water jar in Jn 4:28?

~ How do you feel about the Samaritan woman being an active and effective evangelist 4:28-29 & 4:39…

in light of the fact that she is living a sinful lifestyle?

~ Read Jn 4:34. What is the work that Jesus has in mind?

AND, In what sense is God’s work unfinished/incomplete?

~ Why is it essential we open our eyes & really “see” (4:35)?

~Based on 4:35-42, what all is necessary for evangelism to take place?

~ Have we overlooked anything in this passage that you’d like to discuss?

Personal reflection:

The neglected “ripe harvest” ends up wasted… Am I laboring in and reaping God’s harvest the way Jesus really wants me to?

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