Monday, January 23, 2012

Celebrating Heroes:

I guess I'm blessed in the fact I have heroes like Rich Mullins.  He exemplifies, for me, radical commitment to Christ.  When I listen to his music (or his lectures that have been preserved) I'm inspired to reach for a deeper, more real faith.  There's an intensity in Rich's eyes, a ring of truth to his speech, and an air of authenticity that catches me by the shoulders and shakes me awake.   It's a shame Rich died so young, like an incomplete tapestry that once hung just leaves people guessing.  He had too much to offer to pass from this life without being missed.

I have other heroes too, guys like Bonhoeffer.  Some former professors.  Some others are in the literary world, guys like C S Lewis and practitioners like Peter Stienke.  I even enjoy and am motivated by the ramblings of Donald Miller.  I don't have any sports heroes but instead I admire historical men like Lewis & Clark who trekked into unknown territories and charted the West for us.  The early leaders in our Restoration Movement who risked everything to spread their wings and explore their faith on their own, too.  As for the realm of politics, there aren't any living political heroes that come to mind.

Heroes aren't the smartest, strongest or richest people we know.  It is the personification of our hero's traits & character we admire most.  Whether it's their courage, integrity, persistence, or integrity we struggle and strain at their example like a castaway swimming towards the shore.

Pause and consider the people you admire, you long to emulate, and who inspire you.  I doubt you'll find people who gave up early.  I don't think you'll list people who settled for the mediocre.  I would say they didn't sell-out either.  They paid their dues, took their lumps, and did amazing things that other people said couldn't be done.  Reflect for a while on your heroes, it will do your soul good to ponder such things.

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