Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My problems don't compare:

It's with tears in my eyes I jot down a few feelings tonight.
Tammy & I were so very blessed to be part of the MSN (Ministers support Network) retreat last April.  Hands down, it is the best hosted and best healing experience any ministry couple can be exposed to.  Charles & Judy Sibert & and a handful of their friends who are seasoned veteran ministry couples, bring in a group of downtrodden, depressed, burnt-out ministerial couples, and over a weekend transform us into something more useful, if not more optimistic.  The fellowship is more than memorable, the bonding is lasting, and the experience is sustaining.

Charles was while at our retreat, and still is, battling cancer.  Our group that met in April has stayed in touch via-email since the retreat, sharing life and various updates.  Charles stays a constant theme; his battle with cancer seems to have more downs than ups, but he and Judy are crazy with their responses that I read.  They are upbeat and optimistic too, and frankly I'm baffled because I'm the one feeling encouraged from their response.

Since our April retreat, one member of our group was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and now tonight I just read an email that another one of our group has been diagnosed with a mass in the center of her brain...

Life for our family hit a few bumps in the road over the last year, but we haven't really suffered.  I really and truly can't complain one bit.  In the big-picture of life, at the worst, I've been inconvenienced from the struggles we've faced.  The love and support we've received from a few close friends has far outweighed the sorrows we shared.

I'm upset at the news I've read of our friend tonight and her new battle with this mass in her brain.  I feel like I've been immature, pouting over my petty problems; my blood sweat & tears pale in comparison to what some are facing tonight.  Please pray for our friends who are fighting real battles, God knows who they are, please just lift up the MSN group from April tonight before you go to sleep.

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