Sunday, October 14, 2012

So old it's new

Solomon said there's nothing new under the sun.  Some anonymous person said there's no reason to reinvent the wheel.  Both are right.  Starting tonight, we are beginning a "new" series from an "old" TV show, we'll call our study, "Morals from Mayberry."  If all goes well, I foresee this going through to spring.

When Andy Griffith died a couple of months back, it reminded me of a series of lessons I did, based on the Andy Griffith TV show.  That was at least ten years ago, it was using VHS copies I made from cable, and I've since lost all of my notes... I know there are prepackaged study notes on the Andy Griffith show, but I like to write my own teaching material   It's the idea I've borrowed; I'm not the first person to teach Biblical lessons through the Andy Griffith show.

Here's the breakdown of how our study will go:

  • We'll watch an episode together after our evening meal.
  • We'll pass out a "study-guide" to follow along with.
  • There will be group discussion questions based on the episode, some on the show's plot and then some about Biblical truths that arose from the episode.
  • Each lesson will have a twofold conclusion: #1 Asking a question that has a cultural comparison and #2 There will be a "take away" that has a practical application.

I'm pretty excited about the study.  It's for all ages, and I think it's a study that will be fun enough, you might want to invited a friend to it!

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