Saturday, October 6, 2012

What is the "Good life"?

I'm working on tomorrow's sermon.  As usual, while I write, I'm listening to Johnny Cash, and more than likely I'll move to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" soon enough.  Tomorrow's sermon, it's addressing the age-old question of what is the good life.  Deep stuff, probably beyond my ability to do justice to, but who doesn't like a good challenge.

I have a million thoughts flying around inside my head as I try to bring a Biblical perspective to this important question.  Sometimes just blogging about topics helps me clear my head.  So, thank you for being a good listener.

We saw Bill Cosby the other night at the Barter.  He said that atheists should really leave themselves some wiggle room, just in case they're wrong...  The good life is a question both believers and non-believers wrestle with.  Perhaps the answer to this, is where humanity finds purpose or direction. Answering how we as individuals understand what the good life really is, could just possibly be the most defining question of all time.

Can we really all answer this question the same?  Can we reach a consensus of the good life?  Doubtful and as improbable as this is, I think more importantly than reaching a consensus, is asking do enough people even ask this anymore, or do people simply plod along...?  Oblivious to the miracle of life.  Unappreciative of the wonder that surrounds us.  Dull and clouded by the pace of change or the doldrums of the daily grind.

Whichever way you see this, I hope that you'll lose sleep at least once in your life struggling though to find an answer to what the good life is.  If not, ask someone to check and see if you have a pulse.

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