Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Facing down Father's day:

I was curious, and had a hunch too how this week might go.  I've been wondering if people would make as big of a deal about being offended by Father's day as they did over Mother's day, this year.  Last month we had the blog posts over "please don't ask moms to stand" in the church service, it's offensive to the women who do not have kids or who have had bad mothers.  I find it interesting that the battle cry to keep Father's Day quiet hasn't been sounded as well?

I know I've had men approach me the week before Father's day and lament how they get beat up from the pulpit (not by me, of course) every year as the Father's Day sermon hones in how pathetic the typical dad is.  Disconnected dad is not the spiritual leader he needs to be, he never has time for his kids, and he doesn't give enough attention to his family because of work, etc, etc, etc...

I plan to highlight the wonderful role Fatherhood plays in our churches & communities.  As I broke with the current fad last month and honored moms anyway, I also hope to honor our fathers this Sunday too.  Call me an iconoclast.... but I won't beat up the dads as I honor them from the pulpit this Sunday.

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