Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Purge:

We saw the new movie, "The Purge" tonight.
The movie raised great ethical, moral and social questions.
I won't spoil the ending, not even in the slightest.  Promise.

The trailer and preview do a good enough job of introducing the plot:
One day out of the year, for 12 hours, all crime is legal.  Especially murder.

The thesis of the future America, as portrayed in the movie, is that people need a cathartic night where they can let off some steam.  Crime & unemployment, in the plot line are down, and for 364 days a year America is nearly Utopian.

The movie takes an immediate twist, as you can see in the commercials and previews, where one of the family members lets in someone who is being hunted down on the night of the Purge.  The tactic here is to use the standard ethical dilemma, along the lines of if you lived in Nazi Germany and the Gestapo knocked on your door, asking if you were harboring any Jewish people...  what should you do?

Bottom line though, and this is the valuable part of watching the movie: How do we manage our sinful nature?
Should we have a night of abandonment?  Running rampant without any consequences, in this plot, supposedly curbed the worst human behaviors.  The corollary truth the plot wrestles with is, does this night of "purging" our evil actions have a justification -- does it make it right to have a reckless night where everything is allowable, just because it "works" by lowering crime the rest of the year?

The plot kept my attention and it had plenty of tension.  It was an easy to follow story-line and while it had some predicable parts, it was not as predicable as you might guess.  Any movie that can get people thinking or asking deep questions is a step above 99.9% of the movies that aren't even worth renting from Redbox.  The Purge was one of those movies that gets the wheels turning, and is worth watching...

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