Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sometimes you just need to act:

I don't know if you caught this story, earlier this week a woman in Japan fell in between the train and the platform.  Without a campaign, a sign-up sheet, or begging for volunteers -- only short a blast over the PA that there was a woman in danger -- the crowd manhandled the 32-ton train, pushing it off of the the trapped woman.  I love the punch line, she was unharmed and the train was on its way in 8 minutes; that's an efficient rescue! 

The church could learn something here.  
This isn't bash the bureaucracy of the committee laden church.  
It's a wake up call to action.  Too many people live trainwrecks of a life, and we stand by idly... 

We as Christians wait entirely too long to act on our own.
Forget about what your church "won't let you do." 
Tell that excuse to Jesus...

I've been in church-gridlock before and I presently experience a congregation that is mostly freed up from red-tape; neither model of leadership though restricts you from sharing your faith with people who aren't promised a tomorrow.  You can share the Good news in any church without permission.  

There is no form of church that stops you from shaking your friends out of their complacency when it comes to the fact their marriage is on a collision-course.  Even the most restrictive church wants to see healthy marriages.  

Neither is there a church model that holds you back from helping your peers parent better.  
The kids are grown & gone in the blink of an eye...

We could tally up a few more examples, but I think you get the point.  We have to speak the truth in love and encourage each other towards maturity, before the train pulls out...

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