Monday, February 17, 2014

Favorite Earthly possession


A couple of years ago I read the "Green Hills of Africa" by E.H.. I had never heard the term "musette bag" until then; yet that's what Hemingway carried his books in while on safari.  So, afterward I became obsessed with finding a musette bag.  Last year for Father's day my oldest son & his wife wanted to get one for me, and so we all looked online.  I saw this and liked it, and simultaneously my son Drew texted me a picture of this same bag, so I knew it was perfect.  

I didn't want an all canvas bag, and I didn't want an expensive leather one, I wanted a bag that had both.  Mine (pictured above) is an Otium 21108CF, the leather is "crazy horse" leather, and the canvas is high density cotton.  I love the look and feel of this bag.

Normally, in addition to whatever books I'm reading on the go, I carry a flashlight, pack of Via coffee, a Buck/Tops CSAR knife & a firestarter/sharpener, a Buxton genuine leather folio with a legal pad, a Kokuyo pencil case filled Dixon Ticonderoga pencils, a Mylar blanket, an assortment of composition books, and an engraved business card case with my initial on it.  Even though my Dell 1500 laptop fits in it, I rarely ever use it for my laptop.  

I know it sounds weird, but this is my favorite earthly possession.  

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