Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A dissenting view on the Super Bowl

I'm certainly in the minority; I can't get into watching sports and I feel like a cat someone is trying to play fetch with whenever people talk about sports.  I just don't get it, watching people chase a ball down a court in basketball, hit a ball in baseball, or watching players throwing a pigskin in football all seems like an awful waste of time to me.  What about soccer and hockey, even more boring.

The hype over the Super Bowl also makes no sense to me.  But, I do find it funny that most people say the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials.  Watching the Super Bowl is about as stimulating to me as looking at someone else's vacation photographs.  

You might think, "Maybe it's the inflated salaries of athletes" that turns me off.  Naw, that's not it, though I do think it's a sad commentary on our culture when school teachers, rescue workers, our military, and many caregivers make so little in comparison.

It all just seems so boring watching sports, honestly, it's so boring and such a waste of time to me.  I think exercising and getting fit is great, but watching college/professional sports is about as interesting as watching a treadmill race.  

There are several benefits of not being obsessed by the Super Bowl, or televised sports in general.  While I might be outside several conversations since I'm not up to speed on the games, on the upswing, I don't get upset when my team loses since I don't ever have one.  And, I have better uses for my discretionary time.  

I don't think I will, nor am I even interested in changing anyone else's mind on the matter that sports are boring or a waste of time.  Will I watch the Super Bowl?  Probably, but not for the sake of the game, yes for the commercials, and, to eat and hang out with friends and family.

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