Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's not just kids leaving the Church it's adults too and here's why:

There's a lot of blogging buzz and ink being spilled over the Millennials leaving the flock in droves.  It's not just the kids leaving.  A lot of people of all ages are leaving the church.  When you see the national average attendance statistics and hear about the amount of churches closing their doors weekly, you know it's not just the kids walking away.  Here's why young, old, and in between are giving up on the idea of the church.

Hypocrisy and intolerance are the identified "symptoms" culture lists as to why the Church is losing ground or it is just flat out repugnant to so many people.  The real reason why we are running people off, on the inside and out, is because we've forgotten what the Kingdom is all about.

Isn't the Church the Kingdom or vice versa?  The Kingdom is bigger.  The Church is a subset.  We've tried to build a church that meets our standards and we overlooked the building code.  We've lost our focus on the Kingdom and what it means to live it out.  And, in the church we've had too many people trying to build up their own little kingdoms.

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