Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The logjam of socialism

I don't agree with every tenant of capitalism, it's certainly not perfect.  But tonight it finally clicked for me, it finally hit me, I now see the major flaw within the mindset of socialism.  To me, the perfect metaphor for socialism's worldview is the hourglass.

From what I can tell, socialists want to reverse, in their thinking, the flow of wealth in our society.  Bernie's ads use a pyramid to show the unequal distribution of wealth, but in my mind the better metaphor for a socialist is the hourglass.  So, if the top 1% is hoarding the majority of our wealth, what we need to do is to reverse the flow, let it trickle back down into the masses, and share the wealth.  Sounds good to me, except it is illogical.

Bernie Sanders, for example, states the Walton family of Walmart is wealthier than the bottom 40% of all of America combined.  Fact checkers confirm this shocking statistic.  But does this statistic prove Walmart is responsible for this imbalance, or that capitalism for that matter is evil?   All this proves is, Walmart has a huge base of shoppers, most of whom are bargain shoppers looking for cheaper goods/prices than the store down the road, and these shoppers freely funnel their money into the Walton family's pockets.

Since no one was held hostage or forbidden to shop elsewhere, and since the non-Neiman Marcus non-Saks Fifth Ave shoppers have freely volunteered to shop at Walmart, well you get the point.  By the way, economists say if you have $10 to your name and no debt, you are wealthier than 25% of all Americans...

Back to the hourglass and the illogical notion of reversing the flow of wealth in our society.  For Sanders to be right, there would have to be more cash flowing into the system to keep on passing it out to the rest of us.  This might be called inflation for all I know?  But for the socialist's plans to work out, you need an endless supply of wealthy people to siphon riches off of.  Yet socialism isn't about generating income, it's about spreading around what already exists, and eventually you would deplete your storehouse of wealthy tax "donors."  What are you left with then?  An empty hourglass, or at least a withered and dried up source of free goods.

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