Thursday, February 11, 2016

This makes all the difference -- if you want healthier relationships

My awesome wife doctoring me up!

While getting a lot of work done today, I had to take a break and run a few errands.  Along the way I was sort of surprised by how many people I recognize throughout our community.  I know people from working in concrete who I bump into, and I'll meet people we know through ministry, and some people who fall under both.

Then, as I reflected on these eclectic relationships we've formed over the years, I wondered to myself, who would I miss if we were to ever move away?   And in my mind's eye, it was easy to see who I'd miss and who I wouldn't.

There are two types people we spend time with or form relationships with in life.  Some people feel like a sliver in the tenderest part of your hand while others feel like a caregiver who can bring you relief.   In other words, one type of person will drain you, they will use you, they can suck the life out of you if you let them -- it's actually painful to be around them.  Then, there are the people who build you up, they can re-energize your soul, they are simply a blessing to see.  If you want to have healthier relationships, you need to know the difference and you need to pace yourself as to how much time you spend with each type of person.

I've come to the conclusion that life is too short to spend the bulk of your time with people who will drain you.  Victims, complainers, takers, manipulators, bitter and hateful people need love and attention, but they don't deserve the best of us or the most of us.  Choose wisely who you spend the most time with, it will make all the difference in your health & happiness and in the way you see all relationships.  

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