Sunday, January 27, 2013

God's sense of humor & it's risky to be frisky:

This video reminds me of how God does have a sense of humor.

Today I preached out of Genesis 18  on the story Sarah laughing at God.  The passage offers an interesting insight into the character of God.  First, Sarah eavesdropped on God telling Abraham they would have a baby, then she laughed about that, and when she was confronted about laughing about the news, she lied to God and said she didn't laugh.  How does God handle that?  He blesses her!  See Gen 21:1-7

But, I think what everyone at New Song seems to remember from today's sermon was my one-liner, joking about Sarah being 90, and Abraham being 100 years old at the time.  I said Sarah laughed because at their age, "It was risky to be frisky..."

May you discover God's sense of humor and find Him more & more approachable!

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