Friday, March 1, 2013

Saying I'm sorry:

Today I was working on a presentation I'm to deliver to a school in our area.  A school teacher read one of my newspaper columns and asked if I would speak to their students.  She asked me to address conflict resolution, and I was honored.

I've had some fun putting my presentation together and I'm getting excited about the event.  There's an element I'm including in my discussion on conflict resolution which might surprise you, but I think you'll like it.  Towards the end of my message, I'm going to try to teach the students how to apologize.  I know over the years I've gotten good at making my share of mistakes, and learning the art of a good apology has helped me reduce stress more than once.  

I won't list here my ideas on the craft of apologizing, I'll just ask you to pause and consider how well you've done in this area -- lately   If you think you know how to say sorry effectively, let me challenge you to reconsider this.  And, let me motivate you to do some research on the subject & sharpen up your own abilities   It might just help you salvage a relationship you value...

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