Thursday, March 14, 2013

Too lofty to even write about:

When it comes to making the world a better place the only real question is: 
Will you make a difference or be indifferent?   

I've been too busy to blog much lately.  We are trying hard to really turn the flywheel at New Song and build momentum, so I've let my blogging slip some.  Today though, I can't shake this thought: We can either turn a blind eye to the suffering and brokenness that surrounds us, or we can partner with God & His people to make a change.  We can't find satisfaction trying to do both, that is, ignoring the needs of the world and seeking God will only frustrate.  They mesh, that is, these come together to bring us wholeness:  when we are serving those who are easy to serve as well as loving the loveless -- helping those who do or don't deserve it, and finding God in the midst of the chaos.  Who are we to judge, as to who is deserving...?

We ask "How?" can we we really make a dent in this mess, because the darkness is so overwhelming.  I'm not naive to fact that the challenges to changing this world are huge.  I don't have to convince you there's plenty of brokenness in the world.   Life is short, and it's painful and depressing for a lot of people; can't we alleviate their woes?  Yes we can.  Think Matthew Chapter 25:31-46, Jesus is saying this is how to it, you serve people as if Jesus was on your doorstep, because actually He is.  Scary stuff.

Maybe this sense of brokenness is pestering me all morning as a result of yesterday's events and our plans for this evening?  Yesterday, Tammy and I traveled into the mountains of Virginia to speak in a rural school on conflict and bullying.  Tonight our church is serving at a local Foodbank, we'll be in the warehouse loading boxes of food to be distributed to needy families.

When Jesus wanted to make an impression on people He used several methods. He told parables, He gave warnings, He set examples, He quoted Scriptures, He did miracles, He offered hope, and He showed up.  Theologically, the most miraculous action believers can do today is to go out and make a difference.  Yes, I think it's pretty miraculous when imperfect, fallible, Christians are out doing good, spreading Hope, making a difference.

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