Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stories of grace & mercy...

Tonight a couple of friends invited us to see Les Miserables with them.
I've seen the movie/s and have seen the off Broadway production.
Did I really need to, I mean need to see this again? Yes.
Did I cry? I do every time.

If you know the plot, then you know this is a narrative saturated with grace & mercy and how once shown, this can change the heart for good.  The scene of the priest's silverware is priceless.

What you might not recognize, is the results of grace that is spurned.
Javan, the bitter inspector who hunts Jean Valjean to the bitter end, when he is shown grace & mercy, he rejects that people can change for the better, and the mercy he is shown is more than he can bear. He ends his life because his legalism can't conceptualize the offer of unconditional grace.

I needed this tonight, I needed to hear the story of grace repackaged and repeated.  Maybe you do too.  Grace & mercy never get old for me, and I find I need it often, and I know I hope other people find it too.

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