Saturday, December 21, 2013

I've never needed Duck Dynasty..

I know this will be unpopular, but I've never needed Duck Dynasty.
We read our Bibles, love owning guns, and say a blessing over our meals too.
Go ahead, unfriend me on Facebook, that will just be my cross to bear...

The first time I watched DD, I told Tammy, "These rednecks have nothing on a Cottongim family reunion!"  Uncle Si would get lost in the shuffle.  Willie would get beat up.  Phil would have to get darker sunglasses.  But no one at the reunion would give them a second glance.

It's sad when we Christians get upset over Phil getting slapped on the hand.  He is a really nice guy and I believe he's a solid Christian.  In fact, I'd say he's a great family role model, but if you think he was filming DD out of the kindness of his heart, you are very naive.  They were getting $200 grand an episode and were negotiating for $500 grand an episode, last I heard.

I don't begrudge the Robertsons for making money, for being on a reality show.  But if you think the show isn't scripted, then, well maybe you are even more naive.  Shows like theirs need conflict and resolution to snag you.  How many ways can you play off the funny Beverly Hills Redneck family shtick before you have to manufacture a few complications?  Think it over.

For every upset Christian who is ready to boycott this, that, and the other, how often have you said the "truth" in public?  How often have you put your neck on the line to stand up for truth?  OR is Phil's sanctioning from A&E another way for us to live vicariously through the Robertson family?  And, how many infuriated Christians who are pasting long live the Duck Dynasty on every social media outlet, how many have formed a relationship with a homosexual person?  Do you have any gay friends...?  If so, how have you helped them to see what the Bible teaches?  I think if we aren't careful, we'll rescue Phil (who'll be just fine and will never live long enough to spend his fortunes) and we will marginalize the minority of homosexuals that we might have had an influence on...  Theologically, I'm not disagreeing with Phil at all -- I'm disagreeing with how we as believers typically interact with the gay/lesbian community.

And finally, everyone seems in an uproar over Phil's GQ interview.  Why?  Why are we surprised that he would make his own opinion known, and why are people upset when A&E used this to their advantage?  The Robertson family was pressuring A&E for more money, and there's only so many ways to rehash the southern charm of the Robertsons...  I think A&E has been looking for a way to let the Robertsons go without looking like they slayed their goose duck that laid the golden-egg.


judahw said...

I think this goes back to agreeing with your overall point: We don't need Duck Dynasty.

If we are being disciples of Christ, our actions will show we stand against sin, but in a way that makes those around us gravitate to us. They will ask us how we manage our finances, knowing that we sometimes make mistakes with the money God blesses us with. Those struggling in their marriages will naturally come to us who are disciples of Jesus to better understand how to live with someone day in and day out. Not that we are perfect, but because we exude that true happiness comes from focusing on God first, the spouse second, the kids third, and everything else next.

My opinion is that Phil said nothing wrong. The GQ article was rather tame, in comparison to what some bloggers make it out to be. But what he said is a stance that is slowly becoming unpopular.

I think disciples of Christ should have the ability to say what is wrong about a situation, lifestyle, etc. while still attracting other s to him/her. I think part of Jesus' objective for coming into the world is showing how to do that. Church people don't need to preach about how bad something is. We don't need to continually remind our small groups to not do something (although we should reflect on current events from time to time, understanding how someones' actions influence others....). What we need to do is focus on how Jesus would respond in our own lives presently. For example, I would like to think that Phil is asking himself, "How would Jesus respond when a reporter asks Him about sin?" that type of reflection I think would be more constructive then talking about how culture is changing, we need to be more tolerant, things are different now, blah blah blah.

I agree, we don't need Duck Dynasty. As a family who doesn't have cable, I haven't watched the shows, but can attest I don't need them to show me how to live a better life.

Craig Cottongim said...

Thanks for some great feedback Judah!