Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This week's lottery: Who wouldn't want a billion dollars?

Okay, admit it.  You've day-dreamed about winning the lottery.  Who hasn't?  All the nice things we'd do with the money, the bills we'd pay off, the trips we'd take, the cars we'd buy for our kids.  Oh, and the tithe to church of course.  

All in all, pulling in the gas station to buy a ticket, we quickly think how our lives would change for the better by hitting the jackpot.  This week the Tennessee lottery is setting records, it could top out near a billion dollars -- now we are talking real money.  So it's a safe bet winning the lottery is on most people's radar now. 

Since the chances of winning this week's lottery drawing is now down to around 1 out of 200 million, if you are banking on having the winning ticket, chances are pretty good you are going to be among the vast majority people who end up disappointed.  I'm not knocking people playing the lottery, it's a free country. 

 And, surely some good comes of playing the lottery, scholarships and all.  Still, how could the daydreaming hurt?  Fantasizing about an extravagant lifestyle or enjoying some self-deception, telling ourselves "we" wouldn't change one bit if we won..., that's all harmless, right?   Surely we wouldn't feel more dissatisfaction with our lot in life, if we failed to win the lottery, would we?     

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